Trade Mark "Interstyle"

We design and manufacture furniture of any complexity

(serially and according to individual orders)

The production and technical base of the enterprise allows, in the shortest possible time and at the highest level, to produce sets of furniture for private houses, apartments, hotels, etc., including children's furniture and non-standard orders.

  Our enterprise has been working in the furniture market of Ukraine since 1995. The profile of the activity is the manufacture of furniture for the home and the sphere of HoReCA from solid wood and all types of modern materials for individual orders and small-scale batches in classical and modern styles. The assortment includes all types of home furniture, including children's furniture and non-standard products of any complexity, as well as furniture for hotels, etc.

Since 1998 the company successfully trades for export on individual orders (CIS countries, USA, UAE, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Great Britain). Since 2018, cooperation has begun for export on serial orders (since 2018 - USA, Great Britain, since 2020 - Denmark).
Today, our company is the leader in the woodworking industry in Ukraine, one of the leading enterprises for working with solid wood. The factory has a modern production complex that includes the best European equipment, incl. high-performance modern processing centers and drying complexes. And, thanks to a well-trained, highly professional team, it can make complex orders faster and better than the main operators of the Ukrainian furniture market.
Confirmation of the high quality of manufacture of Fabrika CLASUM LLC, prompt service and competitive prices is the fact of a high percentage of repeat orders (today it is more than 75%, including export orders).
The main characteristics of the specifics of the enterprise:
- manufacturing of furniture of any complexity
- production of custom and serial furniture
- manufacturing of furniture according to the provided drawings
- independent development of design documentation according to the wishes of the client and the corresponding technical preparation of production
- full technical and technological provision of the enterprise for working with solid wood and almost all types of modern panel materials
Our advantages:
- "Fabrika KLASUM" LLC is a responsible partner who strictly adheres to all the established requirements.
- Priority of the client's interests.
- Highly professional team, including the best specialists in the furniture industry in Ukraine
- Reliability, quality and durability of materials, fittings and components used in production (confirmed by certificates of conformity and hygienic conclusions).
- Environmental friendliness of the applied technologies, excluding any harm to the environment.
- Innovation. Much of what is currently offered on the furniture market by domestic manufacturers was the first to be developed in Ukraine by Factory KLASUM LLC: curved facades, embossed doors, complex structures, non-standard painting and much more.


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